The intent is to be recognized as a reference point for counseling and growth in business and the small and medium enterprises, the territory and its social, ethical standards and through constant cultural growth of the individuals who make up various economic entities supported by listening, dialogue, interaction and exchange mutual offering our customers assistance, ongoing support and service of high quality. Our hallmarks are the dedication to the customer and the ability to identify in its projects, as well as hear our its challenges.The increase in the value of companies and professionals our customers, as well as the proper exploitation of existing opportunities, is the modus operandi of our team of consultants. The study stems from the desire of most professionals with specialized experience in the various fields of corporate advisory and private.

Professionals traditionally Innovators by vocation: quality, innovation and professionalism in the service of growth, are the hallmarks of the work of every day.
Since its founding, the firm has worked on a growing tax consulting, contract, corporate, legal, labor, employment law, as well as assistance in finding and using tools of Public Finance Facilitated at Community level, national and regional, turning to a wide national and international clientele. Our business is founded on an item that we consider essential: specialization. The work is set in a horizontal manner, where most professionals follow a company, each to their own specific competencies. The mission: to grow and to become competitive small and medium-sized enterprises, while taking care of a better integration into the social and cultural environment, fostering the growth of the staff that componbe well as the shared values ​​and objectives of the company by part of all elements of society. Thanks to its network of collaboration with other internal and external professionals (lawyers, notaries, employment consultants, accounting firms and trust companies, private equiti) is able to support all the needs of customers.

Establishing relationships with the Trade Associations, Economic Interest Groups and Public Bodies often help to guide decision-makers’ opinions. Relationships with these subjects enable the Studio to offer Targeted Solutions and Services to Companies. We have also developed a dense network of contacts with various interest groups focusing our interest in the banking, financial, and government sectors. The Study Clients can benefit from our reports for presenting their activities of the relevant projects to the relevant Stakeholders. Each contact program is studied and personalized to capture all the opportunities and planning opportunities. Through special dedicated prognostic resources, the Studio has the ability to manage and activate relations with the Institutions’ Public Institutions at central level (Ministries, National Industrial Associations …) or at the peripheral level when establishing new locations, plants, branches (Region , Province, City, Industrial Associations …).

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Area Fiscale

  • Fiscalità d’impresa
  • Pianificazione Fiscale

Area Amministrativa - Tributaria

  • Consulenza Tributaria e Societaria
  • Operazioni straordinarie e organizzazione societaria
  • Contenzioso Tributario e assistenza amministrativa
  • Domiciliazione Societaria

Area Revisione Contabile

  • Revisione Contabile
  • Revisione Legale
  • Due Diligence

Area Amministrativa

  • Finanza d’Azienda
  • Finanza Agevolata
  • Finanza Ordinaria
  • Consulenza Bancaria
  • Consulenza Aziendale

Procedure Concorsuali

  • Procedure Concorsuali
  • Ristrutturazioni Aziendali

Area Famiglia

  • Pianificazione fiscale delle Persone Fisiche
  • Organizzazione del Patrimonio Familiare

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È stato pubblicato in Gazzetta ufficiale n. 156 dell’8 luglio 2014 il D.M. 2 luglio 2014 relativo alla cd “exit tax”, cioè la tassazione per le imprese commerciali che, trasferendo la residenza in altro Stato dell’Unione Europea o in Stati...


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